The PowerOptimal Elon® 100
Bringing solar PV to water heating at the lowest cost
Reduce your power demand and energy cost with PowerOptimal’s PowerGuard
load management technology
We are an African leader in affordable, reliable and sustainable energy solutions

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    Introducing the Elon® 100

    The innovative PowerOptimal Elon® 100 incorporates proprietary solar PV (photovoltaic) power management technology to allow for direct solar PV DC to electric geyser power provision and optimised solar power use in a single compact unit. No inverter, no batteries.

    With competitive capital cost, very long lifetimes and almost non-existent maintenance, this is the lowest cost per kWh of water heating your money can buy anywhere.

    Lowest cost per kWh of water heating

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    PowerOptimal gratefully acknowledges financial support from The City of Johannesburg’s Green City Startup Competition (managed by Resolution Circle).

    Our peak power demand management technology helps reduce your peak power demand by up to 50%, with very little impact on your activities – for commercial customers this can mean a 20% saving on your electricity bill!

    PowerOptimal gratefully acknowledges financial support from The Innovation Hub’s Startup Support Programme.

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